How To Order Prints

Once you've browsed through the photos and settled on the perfect piece(s), you can order a high-quality print from Bay Photo Lab. They're one of the best fine art printing labs in the country, so you're in good hands.

Ordering is a pretty easy process. You should see a green "buy" button in the bottom-right corner. Clicking that button gives you a few options. 

This photo

Photos from this gallery

Create a card

"Create a card" lets you create a set of 4x8" cards, perfect for birthdays and holidays. "Photos from this gallery" is the option you want if you want multiple prints of multiple photos in that gallery. Go crazy! You can change the quantity and size of the prints you want in that menu. 

Most people select "this photo." You'll be presented with the options of paper prints, or wall art (canvas or acrylic metal). From there you can select the size and finish you want. (Lustre is a more "matte" finish.) Notice how the photo is cropped; you can reset the crop if you'd like. On the next screen, set your quantity and add to cart. 

You should get the goods within a few days. If you have any problems, don't hesitate to reach out.  :-)

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